Who We Are

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St Congar

St Congar is working on behalf of the Toad’s Hole Valley landowners to bring forward the site in line with the SPD. St Congar will not build out the site themselves, but will sell parcels to other developers and/or housing associations to deliver.



DLA Architects Practice

DLA Architects Practice is an independent town planning, urban design and master planning consultancy based in Milton Keynes, with over 25 years’ experience in the development industry. They are specialists in designing proposals for large sites and will be working to design the masterplan for Toad’s Hole Valley.




Curtin&Co is the third party who will act between St Congar and the local community. Curtin&Co will lead the community consultation and be the main point of contact for residents. All feedback received will be carefully considered and communicated to St Congar and the project team.





Enplan has been appointed to advise on all planning matters relating to Toad’s Hole Valley and have worked closely with St Congar to prepare the planning application for the site. Enplan has had historic involvement with this site over a number of years from the site’s initial consideration in the City Plan.