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St Congar is promoting this land for development in association with the Toads Hole Valley landowners and will be consulting with the local community over the coming months. This page is being developed to facilitate this consultation.
In 2016 the City’s Development Plan designated Toads Hole Valley and Court Farm for development as ‘a modern, high quality and sustainable mixed use development to help meet the future needs of the city, improve accessibility and provide new community facilities to share with adjacent neighbourhoods’.
The Plan calls for the following to be delivered by 2030:

  • A minimum of 700 residential units
  • Office employment space (3.5 – 4.5 hectares)
  • Site reserved for a new secondary school – (5 hectares)
  • Public open space with children’s play space and informal sports facilities (2 hectares)
  • Shops, cafes and a multi-use community building
  • Food growing space (0.5 hectare)
  • Green infrastructure integrated through the site to deliver Biosphere objectives and contribute to Biodiversity Action Plan targets

St Congar is in the early stages of developing proposals for the site in line with the aspirations.
If you have any questions at this stage or would like to ask any further questions, please contact Sarah Wardle at Curtin&Co on 0207 399 2753 or email