Traffic & Transport

  • HGVs will be deterred with signage from using King George VI Avenue and encouraged to use the A293 junction to access Brighton. HGVs could even be banned other than for access
  • Road narrowed to a single lane in each direction
  • Number of access/egress points to serve the new development, slowing traffic
  • Road narrowed to a single lane in each direction
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Improving connectivity between Toads Hole Valley and the existing residential area

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Improved Cycle Routes

New signalised junction will incorporate pedestrian and cycle movements.

Advance cycle stop lines will be provided on the site access and Goldstone Crescent arms to allow cyclists to cross King George VI Ave in advance of the motorised vehicles. This cycle route/crossing is also intended to allow the existing cycle route along Downland Drive to be diverted through the site and avoid the substandard and potentially dangerous crossing currently provided on the bend at Hangleton Road.

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Improved Pedestrian Routes

New pedestrian crossings to connect the site to the existing residential area.

New pedestrian facilities will also be provided at the Devils Dyke Road roundabouts to allow pedestrians to safely access the South Downs. Further opportunities existing to the west via the existing pedestrian footbridge across the A27.

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Improved Public Transport

No.21 bus diverted into the site via a new bus only priority signalised junction. The bus route would loop within the development before returning to King George VI. The layover of the bus would be relocated within the new development, rather than outside the existing residential properties 

The bus operator has requested service 21 should be diverted into the site to serve the development. They have also provided costs to enhance the frequency of the service and duration of the service, allowing the buses to run later into the evening. The site can also access bus route 16 on Downland Drive via the new DDA compliant footways. Bus service 16 is one of the top 6 bus services in Brighton and Hove in terms of frequency and duration.

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Encourage Sustainable Travel

The site will provide a Travel Plan and Travel Packs which seek to encourage sustainable travel. One such measure would be the provision of free bus tickets to new residents to encourage them to experience the local bus service.


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