Community Benefits

School 1.jpg

Land for new Secondary School

A 12-acre area of land will be made available for a new secondary school if desired by the Council. If developed, the school will be located in the southwest corner of the site in order to serve the wider community beyond Toad’s Hole Valley.

Playing Fields

A new purpose-built sports playing field will be available for all to use outside of schools hours.

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Doctors Surgery .jpg

Doctors Surgery

At the public exhibition residents were keen to see a new doctors surgery included to provide for the needs of the new community. We’ve listened and have ensured that a new doctors surgery will be provided. It will be situated at main entrance of the site to make it easily accessible for all.

Site of Nature Conservation Interest

The 21-acre area of nature conservation interest will be enhanced to protect and encourage local wildlife and give local people the opportunity to connect with wildlife.



Community Centre

Situated between the school, the shops, employment space and homes, the community centre will serve as the heart of the development. The flexible space could accommodate a range of activities, classes and events for local residents.

Food Growing Space

An acre of new allotments and community food growing space will be provided to give all residents the opportunity to grow their own food.

Food Growing Space Image.jpg